Computer support

In the third decade of the 21st century and with over 20 years of experience, we don't need to convince you why computer maintenance and system administration should be a priority external service. You can choose whether to contract with a large company or to choose our smaller team of IT specialists. Unlike large multinational companies, where you won't see the faces of your IT support, we can meet and discuss with you, attend meetings with third parties, organize remote work for your company, virtual training and exams, consult with you on your home office space. We can provide remote assistance when you are working from home, in quarantine, or on a business trip.

System Administration

Computer and system support from Eniak provides you with:

  • Installation, configuration and administration of network servers, communication devices, and workstations; 
  • The flawless operation of computer components, system software, and application software, as well as providing constant access to email and the Internet;
  • The local network and connection between workstations, servers, and printers in your office is always working seamlessly;
  • Reliable consultations for purchasing and upgrading components and consumables. Provision of revolving equipment;
  • Response time in critical situations up to 2 hours.

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