The hospital is a unique organization

A hospital is an organization different from a big busy office. The main requirements for hospital computer systems are data sharing, ultra-high resolution imaging capability, minimal downtime and advanced security technology. Clinicians and staff in various patient care areas need tools that not only facilitate their unique workflows, but become infrastructure for care and medication delivery.

Eniak Health is committed to a full suite of healthcare infrastructure expertise, with a dedicated team focused on building innovative devices and solutions that support and adapt healthcare solutions. Healthcare providers are committed to continuously improving the quality of patient care. Eniak Health is committed to designing for you and the patients you serve.

We have more than 10 years of experience in comprehensive support of medical IT systems. Our long-standing clients are University hospital of Obstetrics and Gynecology “Maichin dom”, University hospital of pulmonology /now part of  hospital "Ivan Rilski"/, Specialized Children's Hospital "Ivan Mitov", Medical Center Belodroben, MC Maichin Dom. We have successfully implemented projects at University hospital "Queen Giovanna", Sofia Medical University, Second MBAL Sofia.

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