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The company Eniak is a private Bulgarian company, established in 2002 as an independent company for system integration, testing and development of software products and Internet-based solutions.

Our mission is to help companies from various industries in the process of choosing and implementing information solutions. We know that the smooth operation of computer equipment and software in your organization is extremely important for achieving successful business results. On the other hand, we always look for the balance between the price of the components, their functional capabilities and the needs of the customer. Years of successful experience with companies from various industries gives us reason to assure you that we at Eniak offer modern information solutions by integrating IT products and services with high quality and efficiency.

Founders of Eniak

Georgi Georgiev, MEng
Managing Partner

Georgi Georgiev founded Eniak in 1999. After graduating Computer Systems and Business Administration at  Technical University in Sofia, he has extensive experience in the IT industry as a system engineer and system integrator, and also as a head of an IT company.

Tanya Mitkova, MEng
Head of Software Projects

Tanya Mitkova is the co-founder of the company. After completing Computer Systems at the Technical University of Sofia and Business Administration at UNSS, she has more than extensive experience with the design, testing and commissioning of large databases and system administration of computer networks.


We are not going to provide you with specific customer testimonials, but we are posting parts of a US Trade Representative report about our company. The survey was conducted in the middle of the development of our company, in connection with our participation in a special project. We assure you that we continue to work with the same enthusiasm and integrity.

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